Build wealth with every student loan payment.

Refinance your student loans for a lower interest rate while automatically generating a solid foundation for retirement.

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Get out of Debt
and into Wealth

Put your student loans to work

Refinance your loans to free up cash for investments. Pay down your debt & save for your future, all within the same payment.

Get rewarded for saving — with a lower rate

Building wealth makes you less risky, helping us get you a better rate.
Typical interest rates are 3 - 7%.

Build serious wealth

Upside creates room to start investing now, so you don’t fall behind.
Investing early changes everything.

How debt would work, if banks loved you❤️

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Pay down debt & build serious wealth — without a bigger budget

Each month, Upside invests a big chunk of your payment. Over time, it will grow into generational wealth. And it’s completely attainable with Upside.

Investing Early Changes Everything

Most people pay off their student loans first, and then start saving for retirement. With Upside, you get both. Don't miss out on 10+ years of compound returns.