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Refinance your student loans for a lower interest rate while automatically generating a solid foundation for retirement.
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  • Put your student loans to work

    Refinance your loans to free up cash for investments. Pay down your
    debt & save for your future, all within the same payment.

  • Get rewarded for saving — with a lower rate

    Building wealth makes you less risky, helping us get you a better rate.
    Typical interest rates are 3 - 7%.

  • Build serious wealth

    Upside creates room to start investing now, so you don’t fall behind.
    Investing early changes everything.

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How debt would work, if banks loved you❤️

The easiest way for college grads to get out of debt & into wealth.

Pay down debt & build serious wealth — without a bigger budget

Each month, Upside invests a big chunk of your payment. Over time, it will grow into generational wealth. And it’s completely attainable with Upside.

Investing Early Changes Everything

Most people pay off their student loans first, and then start saving for retirement. With Upside, you get both. Don't miss out on 10+ years of compound returns.

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We've partnered with Helium Advisors LLC, an SEC-registered investment adviser, to bring you investing features. All investment advisory services are provided by Helium. We receive compensation as a percentage of assets managed by Helium for promoting Helium’s investment advisory services. Our partnership with Helium gives us an incentive to refer you to Helium instead of another investment adviser that is not a partner of ours. This conflict of interest affects our ability to provide you with unbiased, objective information about the services of Helium. This could mean that the services of another investment adviser with whom we are not partnered may be more appropriate for you than those of Helium. Investing involves risk, including the possible loss of principal, and there is no assurance that the investment will provide positive performance over any period of time. Helium accounts are not bank guaranteed or FDIC insured.

Before refinancing, Borrowers with Federal Loans should carefully consider their eligibility for loan forgiveness programs, current suspensions of federal student loan payments and waivers of interest charges, and other options available solely to borrowers with Federal Loans. If you refinance the entire balance of your Federal student loans you will not be eligible for programs that are limited to borrowers with Federal Loans. For more information, a recently announced forgiveness program offering forgiveness of $10,000 or $20,000 of federal student loan balances for certain eligible students, please visit Federal Student Aid.

The loan balance projections are based on a refinanced loan with a $40,000 balance, an interest rate of 5.25%, fully amortizing payments, and we assume all payments are made on time. The wealth projection assumes that $279 is deposited into the wealth account each month. Wealth projection shown is not adjusted for inflation. Investments are assumed to grow at a 6.55% real rate of return and inflation is assumed to 2.3%. Actual results may vary.

See Helium Advisor LLC General Disclosures, Form ADV Part 2A, and Form CRS.