Pay off your credit cards and build wealth automatically

Refinance your credit card debt for a lower interest rate while building up your savings with every payment.

We’ll show you a new rate and a plan to build wealth

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Get out of Debt
and into Wealth

Refinance your credit cards, but better

Consolidate your credit cards to lower your rate and free up cash for wealth creation.
A big part of each payment is invested automatically.

Get rewarded for saving — with a lower rate

Building wealth makes you less risky, helping us get you a better rate.
Typical interest rates are 8 - 18%.

This isn’t round-up; this is real wealth

Pay down your debt and save for your future, all within the same payment.
This is debt that builds your net worth.

A $10,000 loan could mean $10,000 in cash

One payment pays down your loan & builds wealth

Each time you make a payment, we invest a big part of that, so you build wealth every month. By the time your loan is paid off, you will have something substantial to show for it.

More Wealth = Less Risk = Better Rate

The savings that are built with each payment also serve as collateral for the loan. More collateral means less risk, so we can reward you with a lower interest rate.

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