Get out of debt and into wealth with Upside

Build wealth with every debt payment while paying off your student loans or credit cards at a lower rate.
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Debt that Builds your Net Worth

We’ve created a loan that automatically builds wealth with every payment made. As you pay down your loan, a big portion of your payment goes into an investment account. These investments build wealth for you and create collateral for the loan. More collateral means less risk. Less risk means a better rate for you.

Refinance your loans, but better

Get an Upside loan in order to lower your rate and free up cash for wealth creation. A big part of each payment is invested automatically.

Get rewarded for saving — with a lower rate.

Building wealth makes you less risky, helping us get you a better rate.

This isn’t round-up; this is real wealth

Pay down your debt and save for your future, all within the same payment. This is debt that builds your net worth.


Whether you’re trying to dig out of student debt or refinance credit cards to save money, Upside can help you build wealth one payment at a time.
Personal Loans
Eliminate credit card debt. Get a lower rate while growing your savings with each payment.
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Student Loans
Refinance your student loans while automatically generating a solid foundation for retirement.
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