About Upside

We created Upside so that you don’t have to make tradeoffs between today and tomorrow.

We Still Believe in the American Dream
We believe higher education is the most reliable path to that Dream. But, getting an education and working hard is no longer enough. Why? What happened?

There was a time, not too long ago, when college was the cost of a car. Now it’s the cost of a house. But, you still only have 10 years to pay it off -- early in your career when you’re earning the least.

What’s the result? Generations of young professionals are delaying marriage, delaying having kids, delaying buying a home. Very few have the luxury to build wealth until after they pay off their student debt.

Shouldn’t you be able to pay your student debt and pay your bills and save for the future? Wasn’t that the whole point of getting an education? We believe that should be enough.

Get a good education, work hard, build a comfortable life.

We're people like you.

Kamran Hameed
Founder & CEO
  • Founding member of Prudential Financial’s Innovation Lab
  • Led Digital Strategy/Product Mgmt at TD Ameritrade & Panera Bread
  • Built digital businesses and led global partnerships at Razorfish
  • MIT graduate
Adam Falls
Founder & COO
  • Led the creation of a Benefits Platform for 1099 workers
  • Built Data-as-a-Service platform for quant research, algorithmic trading
  • Robotics, data science, and genetics at MIT Neurotechnology Lab
  • Stanford graduate